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Team Europe Initiative on Deforestation-free Value Chains

OECD-FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains

This document does not stand in direct relation to the EUDR, nonetheless the recommendations of the OECD-FAO Guidance are relevant to all enterprises in the agricultural value chain, including domestic and foreign, private and public, small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

The OECD-FAO Guidance recommends a risk- based due diligence process to identify and prioritise risks in supply chains, avoid negative impacts and establish systems to address and mitigate risks. Due diligence, when effective, can benefit enterprises by lowering their reputational, operational and financial risks, and help businesses achieve the SDGs.

Therefore, the guidance includes two main sections: One on agricultural standards, which enterprises should observe to promote responsible agricultural supply chains and a second one on 5 steps for enterprises to develop a due diligence framework.

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