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Team Europe Initiative on Deforestation-free Value Chains

EU Sustainable
Cocoa Initiative (SCI)

About the project

The EU launched the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative in 2020 to improve the sustainability of the cocoa supply chain in West African countries – the main producers of cocoa in the world.
One of the key pillars of the initiative is an inclusive multistakeholder dialogue, the “Cocoa Talks”, organised by the European Commission. These roundtables bring together key EU stakeholders, including representatives of Member States, the European Parliament, the cocoa and chocolate industry and civil society organisations, as well as representatives of producer countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon with a budget of 28 million euros.

Countries of Implementation

Overarching Aim

The objectives of the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative are to:

Ensure a decent living income for cocoa farmers

Advance the elimination of child labour and trafficking in cocoa supply chains

Strengthen forest protection and restoration in cocoa-producing regions